Issues & Policy


Police officers and firefighters are vitally important to keeping families and communities safe.

I have respect and gratitude for those officers and first responders who put their lives on the line. I will work to support law enforcement at the legislative level, ensuring they have proper resources to successfully carry out their duties. These men and women make daily sacrifices and deserve our support.


I am unabashedly Pro-Life and will work to protect children, both born and unborn, as a State Representative. I am proud to support my local Right to Life affiliate and believe strongly in the power of the grassroots Pro-Life movement. Abortion numbers in Michigan are steadily dropping thanks to the work of Pro-Life activists and legislators. Let’s keep that momentum going!


Parents know what’s best for their kids and they deserve to have a voice when it comes to deciding what is taught in the classroom. Michigan’s Constitution even says that schools and parents should work together to develop a child’s education. I will fight to protect parents’ right to be involved and ensure they receive transparency and accountability from local schools.


We must make it easier to vote and harder to cheat to secure the integrity of our elections. It’s just common sense to require an ID to vote, as this is the easiest way to identify an individual and uphold the principle of one person, one vote. I support changing Michigan law to require presenting a valid photo ID when voting to reduce fraud and create a more secure process that gives us confidence in the results.


The importance of Agriculture and the dairy industry in Mid-Michigan cannot be understated. Michigan must support farmers, whether by building better roads for farm vehicles or protecting farms from unnecessary over-regulation. I will be a proponent of educating the public about the importance of farming. The great produce we get at our local grocery stories comes from the hard work and fields of our local farmers in Mid-Michigan.

Michigan also needs to concentrate on boosting the skilled trades. This state needs to use its available resources to invest in skilled trades materials for schools. We need to carve out an education path for high school kids interested in skilled trades. And don’t forget that the Agriculture industry needs skilled trades workers too!


Owning a firearm is your constitutional right. Citizens in Mid-Michigan love their firearms; I’ll fight for their constitutional right to carry and enjoy these guns. Like many of you, I enjoy hunting in this beautiful state.


I support continued investment into fixing roads. I support review of the best way for the best materials to be used for road paving. Improved infrastructure will no doubt make Michigan a more attractive state for business investment, and a better place to live.


Veterans gave so much for our country, it’s common sense that Michigan should be a “veteran-friendly” state that helps veterans to succeed. I support improving the veterans health-care facilities. I want to ensure that veterans know where to find financial advice and mental health care.


As an Assistant Attorney General, I see first-hand that Michigan has a serious issue with prescription drug abuse. We need to fight this battle at every level, working with health professionals, law enforcement, and patients to stop this epidemic. Everyone has been affected by a family member or friend addicted to prescription drugs. I will work on policies that help stop this cycle of addiction.